Since its inception in 2003, Leadership Washburn County has developed over 170 leaders throughout our community with high-quality professional development training, networking opportunities and comprehensive community education. Leadership Washburn County has given its participants valuable training to strengthen this area that we all call home. Check out what each session covers and head on over to our application page to apply today!

Overnight Retreat 

One of the most important parts of Leadership Washburn County is building relationships with your other program participants. Since its inception, an overnight retreat is included at the very beginning of the program to not only introduce you to what Leadership Washburn County is and what you will be learning over the next year, but also to network with your other program participants. You will learn about leadership styles, do team-building activities and have plenty of time to wind down and enjoy your beautiful retreat location.



Leadership Skills I

As we all know, becoming a good leader comes with plenty of homework. As part of the Leadership Washburn County Program's curriculum, during the Leadership Skills Day I session, you will learn about The 5 Different Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. The first step will offer some self-reflection as we find out how each of us feels appreciated. Next, we will dive into how those on our team may feel appreciated and how that can differ from our own. Learning these languages can better your understanding and improve the workplace. We will also talk about different leadership styles, and the pros and cons of each. Lastly, we will discuss the Emotional Intelligence Theory. This theory outlines five components of EQ: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Emotional Intelligence can be applied to meet goals and targets, as well as create a happier and healthier work culture.

Youth Day 

The young people of Washburn County navigate an ever-changing social landscape. During this challenging stage of life, they also solidify who they intend to become as an adult and what values they will hold. This time of transition and self-discovery makes young people especially vulnerable to at risk behavior. On youth initiative day you will receive an in-depth look at local youth challenges and the resources/ programming that are in place to support them. This day is facilitated by youth serving professionals in County human services and community based organizations. The status of the young people in our community is important for all Washburn County citizens, especially those in leadership roles, because youth development is community development.

Government Day 

Government Day provides a basic understanding of local government and its processes. This day also increases a participant’s awareness of local impacts as they relate to criminal justice and the judicial system. Many people have not been exposed to Government agencies and programs. On this day, we invite all agencies to speak about their department and provide space for Q&A when possible. This helps a participant be a more effective leader by knowing where to find needed Government programs and resources - be it for yourself or a staff member who might be navigating a personal challenge. On Government Day, you will also have the opportunity to meet, greet and get to know some of your local leaders in government.

Local Economy Day 

The goal of the local economy session is to increase participant awareness and knowledge of the following:

  • The role various business sectors play in the health and vitality of the community.  (These business sectors include; forestry/natural resources, agriculture, manufacturing, lodging, recreation, retail, restaurant and service).
  • Washburn County’s local economy
  • Challenges facing Washburn County businesses
  • Successful business development within Washburn County

A healthy local economy is one in which there are strong networks across public, commercial and social sectors.  Leaders within the community are vital to creating opportunities for investment in our area, which increases employment, access to affordable housing, and personal well-being and stability.

Health and Aging Session 

It is a reality that we in Washburn County face today and will continue to face in the future: we are an aging population where there are more older people coming in and more younger people going out. An aging population affects every industry.  During the “aging” portion of the session, participants will learn more about how they can equip themselves and their businesses to accommodate our aging population. During the “health” portion of the session, participants will hear from first responders and hospital representatives discussing the state of the state in Washburn County with health and wellness and what we as a community can do to combat drugs, alcohol and mental health and wellness.

Leadership Skills II

A broad base of skills are needed for successful leadership. Leadership Skills II examines these important concepts and more:

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Self-Reflection & Continuous Growth
  • Accountability
  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Communication
  • Change & Resistance

The session provides the opportunity to learn about the elements and techniques of presenting to a group. Leadership Skills II concludes with preparation to share learning experiences from Leadership Washburn County in a graduation speech.